Blue Ridge Parkway - 3 Minutes From Asheville Cabins

The beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway is only 2 miles away from the cottages. You will get on at mile marker 225. If you go north from here you are only 19 miles from the a great meal at the Pisgah Inn Restaurant. You will find that the views getting here are magnificent. While you’re here you can also hike to the top of Pisgah Mountain. This is a hike that Marshall and the kids like to take every couple of years. If you go an extra 5 miles you will be at Graveyard Fields, a delightful place to hike or eat a packed lunch.
If you go south for 50 miles (about an hour and a half) you will be at Mount Mitchell, the tallest mountain in the East. If you choose to go here on a cloudless day, the views are endless. Remember to bring your jacket as the temperatures at the top can sometimes be as cold as 20 degrees below that of Asheville. Read more about the Blue Ridge Parkway here.

Read more about the Blue Ridge Parkway HERE.