Back in high school I must have known something. Heck, I was a teenager, I knew EVERYTHING. This was back in the day before...anything. Anything we seem to value now anyway. No smart phones. Apple was something you ate. A cell phone was a car phone that looked like a wall phone only found in a Rolls Royce owned by the queen in a James Bond movie. A tablet was something you take for a pain and a laptop was something you saw if you looked down while you were sittin’. No flat screens no wireless speakers and no talking refrigerators. I’m not sure how we made it.

What I knew back then without really knowing it was I had a gift of fixing things, making things or creating things. I liked the sound of a hammer clacking in a tool belt loop and the whine of a skill saw as it cut through a board. The sound on men hammering 16 penny nails into that hard yellow pine. I liked the smell of a fresh cut cedar board and oddly the smell of PVC cement the plumbers use. I did not like painting though. I worked with my best friend’s dad one week. The worst. X that off the list of jobs I wanted. Of course, I paint houses for a livin’ now. That’s how it works ain’t it?

I think young folks today are soft because their jobs involve sitting in front of a screen of some sort. My dad thought I was soft ‘cause I used a saw you plug in to cut wood. His dad thought he was soft ‘cause he got to work in an automobile. HIS dad thought he was soft ‘cause he plowed a field on a tractor and not with a mule but I’d guess we are all soft compared with the guys who hunted with pointy sticks and rocks and wore the skin of whatever the killed. That’s a man’s man. A hunter.

Frankly I’m glad those days are over because I AM soft and hunting and killin’ seems like a lot of work for a meal and a furry overcoat. However, there IS a meal I will track and hunt for these days and that’s at Doc Browns BBQ food truck. The last time I was in Asheville, my brother took me there for lunch. I’m told that the Doc’s got a brick and mortar location down on Smokey Park Highway but there’s just something about standing outside a food truck tryin’ to eat a half dozen ribs while holding a side of collards and a sweet tea. It’s worth the effort. They’ve got everything from ribs to pulled pork to sliced turkey and my favorite, smoked sausage. The side to die for and don’t you dare drive off without a portion of that homemade banana puddin’. That there is worth the trip alone!

So whether you plow a field or swing a hammer or tap some key for a living, we could all use a good meal. So, if I was you I’d gather up the family and hunt down Doc Browns food truck and see why Asheville is North Carolinas best BBQ town.