A recent trip to Asheville landed us for a stay at these cabins in Asheville called the Asheville Cottages for a few days of "away time" from the daily grind. For lack of better things to do one day our love of old stuff took us to the Antique Tobacco Barn down on Swannanoa River Road to do a little reminiscing about things that were and things that never were but should have been. That place is awesome! I like old stuff, like back when things were made by human hands and made out of galvanized metal and steel and oak and yellow pine. And painted with lead based paint which, I’m told, is great as long as you don’t eat it. Back then things were made to hold onto and to keep, to pass down to your sons and daughters and not throw away at the first sign of wear. Newer don’t mean better and the ol’ timers knew it ‘cause sometimes the best thing you ever had was the thing you’d ever had. Take care of it and it’ll take care of you they say. And walkin’ the isles holdin’ my lovely wife’s hand I knew the same goes for people too...

Two blocks down on Bleeker lane there’s a dirt path on the left just past Mrs. Stones’ apple trees that’ll take you, if you walk it far enough, to the No Girls Allowed Rough an’ Tumble Boys Club. Wedged in between two cottonwood trees was a fortress strong enough to repel all but the most determined interlopers, usually a grownup out to spoil the fun. Me and Gary Parker and David Barber spent the whole summer it seemed, carting pallets down from the back of Gene Jim and Roy Mobile Home Center on our Red Flyer wagon and draggin’ pieces of rusty tin from the closed down brick foundry at the end of Clover avenue to construct our perch. From there we could shoot the Krauts, Japs and Russian commies and where we could eat whatever we’d managed to grab from home before mom told us to ‘git out an’ go play somewhere!’ We played marbles, checkers and monopoly and tried our hand at poker tho none of us knew the rules. Hide and seek in the twilight and catchin’ lightnin’ bugs in Beggin’s Field and putting ‘em in a mason jar to tell ghost stories by. We told jokes and wild tales and stuck our homemade machine guns out the window to shoot some more Russians when the need arose. It was the best place ever.

Best place ever that is until Tommy Davis brought his cousins Sarah and Linda Sue one day to play our nurses for when we got shot or stabbed or got run over by a Panzer tank. Before you know it, word got out and we were overrun by a bunch of girls wanting to do tea parties, dress-up and play house. You just can’t have a fortress with curtains in the window and a doormat to wipe your feet on and you really can’t have a fortress, a real boys club, if you can’t burp as loud as you want and pass gas and be proud of it. Soon enough the walls were pink and the sign read ‘Sunshine Girls Club’ and we were out, all because some dork thought we needed nurses. Girls ruin everything.

Well, my ten-year-old self would surely be disappointed to know that in about nine years he would willingly allow curtains in the windows, doormats (at both doors!), pink walls and would be head over heels in love with... a girl. A wonderful amazing truly beautiful girl who would turn out to be the best woman, wife, mother and friend a man could have. And tho she surly got the short end of the stick she never lets on and for 34 years we’ve celebrated the highs and lows of a wonderful love and each Valentine’s Day we smile and know that older is better, I look forward to another year as proud member of...The Sunshine Girls Club....


After arriving at our Asheville, NC cabin rentals, if you are not fully convinced that this is not the most luxurious vacation rental cottage you have ever been in, simply call me and let me know. I will not charge you for the night and you are free to go, no matter how many nights you have reserved. It’s that simple.

"You will no longer stay any place else!"

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