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Meet the Manches

Marshall and I love to make people happy. We consider ourselves to be in the happy business.

Our responsibility for your happiness starts the minute you drive up to our cottages.

We personally built each of our cottages with you, our future guest, in mind.

We have traveled extensively around the world and have picked up a ton of ideas over the years.

In New Zealand, we brought back an idea from a small cottage in Hammer Springs and also in a hotel in Queenstown.

On a safari in Kenya, we got a few ideas from the luxurious accommodations we experienced there.

We’ve also brought back ideas from our visits to Thailand, The Philippines, Eastern Europe, Australia, a few small villages in England, Ireland and, of course, cabins and cottages all across America.

Our goal in gathering all of these ideas, tips, and suggestions is to provide you with:

The Most Consistently Romantic and Luxurious Vacation Rental Cabin Stay You Have EVER Experienced

The way we are able to consistently reach this goal is through the training that we have set up through the years. We have the best team members in America that help us guarantee that your stay will be as close to perfect as possible.

We believe that Asheville is a fantastic place to spend a vacation.

Marshall and I moved to Asheville in 1996 to open a furniture store called Wood You Furniture.

Seven years later we opened our first two cottages in 2003.

Since that time, we have purposed to get better and better each time we build a new cabin.

We now have 14 cottages and are continually seeking ways to amaze you when you walk into the door of each of them.

Marshall and I love the life God has given us.  After homeschooling our four children for the past 17 years I am delighted to be giving my full attention to our cottages (and to our grandbabies!). 


I handle all guest communications and oversee, along with our great manager Jennifer, the cleaning of the cottages.  Marshall and our grounds manager, Kevin, make sure the buildings and grounds look new and fresh.

We still travel every chance we get so that we can bring new ideas back to the cottages (and because it’s so fun!)

We do not take lightly the fact that you chose to spend your vacation with us.  I am still amazed and honored that you would do so. 

Our goal is, and will always be, to give you the best vacation rental cottage stay you have ever experienced. 

Thank you for reading and may the word of Christ dwell in you and your family richly.

Tracie Manche 

(Co-owner with my husband Marshall) 

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