CANCELLATION POLICY | Asheville Cottages

Worry Free Booking Guarantee

Changing a reservation

You may reschedule your visit with us up to 7 days before your scheduled arrival date with no change fee


Cancelling a reservation

At any time up to 7 days before your scheduled arrival, you can cancel your reservation and you will receive a refund of your deposit minus a $65 cancellation fee.

If you have to cancel within 7 days before you arrive, we will refund your money if we can re-book the dates you cancelled.  


After arriving at our Asheville, NC cabin rentals, if you are not fully convinced that this is not the most luxurious vacation rental cottage you have ever been in, simply call me and let me know. I will not charge you for the night and you are free to go, no matter how many nights you have reserved. It’s that simple.

"You will no longer stay any place else!"

James S. Odessa, FL



29 Asheville Cottage Lane
Asheville, NC 28806

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