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No vacation rental company in America consistently cleans as we do!

For the health and comfort of all our guests, we DO NOT allow any pets into the cottages.

The following is our exclusive 3-phase cleaning process:


Ten AMAZING housekeepers. Each of our housekeepers has their own cottages that they alone clean.

Cleaning the shower head

Doing this assures that they take ownership of their cottages and that they are solely responsible to stick to our cleaning motto “Make It Look New.” 

Sweeping away spider webs

After each guest leaves, these ladies will spend between 3 to 6 hours cleaning their cottage following a 200-point checklist that must be addressed every time they clean.


Every square inch of each cottage is disinfected during cleaning. This includes washing all blankets,  disinfecting every surface and sanitizing the sofa and recliner (and especially the remote control).


After EVERY cleaning, Jennifer and Pam, our property managers, complete a 95-point inspection just to make sure nothing got missed and the cottage is perfect for the arriving guests.

Every month, Jennifer also completes a FULL, 211-point inspection of each of our Asheville, NC cabins. This thorough inspection includes everything from the vents in the ceiling to the clean floor under the refrigerator. Pam has a scheduled time each month that she inventories every item in every cottage. She does this not only to make sure nothing is missing but also to replace anything that doesn’t look new.


In addition to the regular cleaning, Jennifer and Pam  will deep clean each cottage regularly. This cleaning list has 57 deep clean items on it that take our cleaning to the next level. A few of the items are tasks such as pulling out the stove and refrigerator and cleaning behind them, vacuuming the top of the kitchen cabinets, cleaning out any debris inside the grill and wiping down every wall in the cottage (including the one behind the bed).

Our cleaning process takes the worry out of picking a vacation rental and assures you that your cottage will look brand new every time you visit.

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