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Asheville in the Winter: Reasons to Go & Things to Know

The WNC mountains are raw, crisp, and refreshing when hiked in the winter.
Photo by Evelyn Mostrom on Unsplash

Cozy Up in the Mountains, Get Refreshed for the New Year

Holidays are over, and as much as you enjoyed the feel like you need a vacation. Loud family, scrambling to prep festive food, and making sure everyone’s having a good time… The holidays hardly feel like a time to rejuvenate.

That “merry” time can wipe you out. Year after year. And just before you’re supposed to hit the ground running for the new year?

It’s time to take a breather. Time to recoup.

What better way to recover then hiding away in the mountains for a short spell? This is the perfect season for a rejuvenating getaway.

Many people come to Asheville, NC for the changing of the leaves or for summer activities. Yet winter is an excellent (though often overlooked) time to come! The leaves may not be gone. But the highlights of Asheville—the hikes, beer, Biltmore, and more—are still there.

In the winter the Blue Ridge Mountains maintain their blueness from afar—but show more details up close, due to the bare trees.
Photo by Paul Earle on Unsplash

Here’s Why You Should Treat Yourself to an Asheville, NC Winter Getaway:

Tickets to the Biltmore Estate are Cheaper

During the slower post-Christmas season (January & February), tickets are less expensive. If you’re looking for a true Biltmore Estate ticket discount, book a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday ticket. Also, book 7+ days in advance. And if one day just wasn't enough, they have a deal for a reduced ticket price for a second day.

The Biltmore Estate has another incentive to draw you in this winter: limited-time events. This winter’s buzz has been on the Downton Abbey exhibition (open until April 7, 2020). The Biltmore house, both in grandeur and style, is the most Downton-like home this side of the pond. In fact, the home is hosting the extravagant Gatsby 2020 Party! Unfortunately, tickets are sold out, but the home hosts these types of once-in-a-lifetime events every so often, so keep on the lookout!

You Can’t Beat the Coziness of Every Activity

Many Asheville activities become even more fun in a winter setting. Think sitting around a fire sipping wine with a loved one is nice? Now imagine yourself bundled in blankets underneath a piercingly clear starry winter sky.

You can’t find better weather for browsing unique places. Coffee shops, chocolate shops, intimate concert venues, and breweries have even more charm during the post-holiday lull.

Many breweries incorporate a cozy craft or activity in addition to drinks. Order a local brew and make a chunky knit blanket, enjoy live music or comedy, decorate cookies, or take part in themed trivia. The easiest way to locate your ideal activity is through Facebook: go to “Events,” select “Drinks,” make your location “Asheville, NC,” then find your perfect winter activity!

Sitting by a fire with a favorite drink is a small vacation in itself.
Photo by Craig Adderley from Pexels

It's the Perfect Weather For Doing Nothing

Vacation stress is real, which is why “do-nothing vacations” are on the rise. Your trip does not have to be action-packed to be lots of fun. Intentionally scheduling nothing in a cabin or cottage may be exactly what you need for some rejuvenation.

Your memories of being most relaxed probably involve times of slowing down. So why not set aside a time to escape and do your favorite things? To snuggle up with your loved ones, watch favorite movies, sip something hot, dip in a hot tub, eat comfort food. To enjoy great company and revisit old memories.

Make some of your best memories. Put less pressure on yourself to have an action-packed vacation. Take a weekend to step away from the hustle of real life!

There’s Sports & Shopping if You Want More Action

You can score some amazing after-Christmas sales this time of year. The Asheville Outlets, Asheville Mall, and the stores in Biltmore Park, Biltmore Town Square, Downtown, and Arden have bargains around every corner.

If you want to amp up the activity, look into the winter sports and heart-pumping activities in and around Asheville. Why start your year working out at the gym when you can start with more fun exercise? Keep in mind that Asheville winter weather is unpredictable, but leans toward cold and clear, rather than snowy.

This makes for excellent winter hikes. Finally, a hike you won’t be drenched in sweat 5 minutes in! Plus, Asheville’s winter landscape is unique from the rest of the year. Without the leaves on the trees, you’ll be treated to the mountain’s true shapes and colors. Houses (including the Biltmore House, from some areas) on the mountainside also become visible.

If you couldn’t imagine a winter vacation without a snowy sport, consider the tubing, skiing, and snowboarding. Asheville winter weather isn’t consistently snowy in the winter, but you can quickly drive to a place that is, thanks to the close-set mountains. You’ll drive at least 30 minutes if you stay in Asheville but plan to visit a snow sport recreational center.

Want suggestions for specific winter hikes, skiing, and tubing around the Asheville area? Check out our other post!

Off-season Vacationing is Cheaper

Don’t we all want to save some money, but not sacrifice a great experience? January, February, and March in Asheville is the perfect time and place to be! Many “summer” activities, such as hiking, are still enjoyable in the winter due to Asheville’s tepid winter weather. Although typically mild, you never know what the week's weather will look like. Plan activities close to the event or have a spread of activity options for your vacation.

Another reason you’re better off with an off-season getaway? The leaf-peeping crowd and holiday crowd have significantly died down. And it’s still a few months before the summer vacationers roll in. You’ll enjoy less traffic, better parking, and more rental availability!

Asheville in January and February is a unique time to enjoy the coziness of breweries and coffee shops without the crowd.
Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

Start Off Your Year Refreshed

What should your post-holiday break look like? Out-and-about adventures, or cozying up indoor? Do you prefer blowing off the holiday steam with a snow tubing adventure that’ll make your cheeks rosy? Or are you in the mood for cozying up in a hot tub with a glass of wine?

Whatever you prefer, one thing’s for sure—starting your year off on the right foot helps kick off a great year.

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