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Asheville Pinball Museum

Located in downtown Asheville about 8 miles (15 minutes) from our cabin rentals in Asheville.

Tracie and I have taken the whole family here on several occasions. You pay a set fee of $15 and you can play as long as you wish.

I recommend you go during the week or arrive early on the weekend because they have a limit to the number of people that they can hold. After that limit is reached, you have to wait until someone leaves.

If you love pinball and 80’s video games, you will love this place. We were ready to leave after about an hour. Young kids may not see the excitement in these “old” games (Did you actually enjoy these, Dad?) and could be ready to leave sooner.

Park in the Wall Street Parking Garage and make the walk up past the Grove Arcade to get to the Museum. When you're finished playing, stop for a bite to eat at Carmel's Kitchen and Bar.

Image by Upsplash

1 Battle Square Suite 1B

Asheville, NC 28801

Phone: (828) 776-5671


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