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Best Spas in Asheville, NC

Since the dawn of time, Asheville’s stunning outdoors have made it a hotspot for travelers seeking rest and relaxation.

Of course, somewhere along the line, spas entered the mix—and why shouldn’t they? After a long day of hiking, a visit to an Asheville spa is just the thing to loosen up your muscles.

Plenty of luxury spas in Asheville endeavor to answer our need for hot soaks and therapeutic massage. To narrow down your search, I’ve collected a list of five of the best Asheville spas.

I invite you to peruse the options and choose whichever pairs best with your own visit to our cottages and the Asheville, NC area.

5 of the Top Spas in Asheville, NC

Himalayan salt

Have you ever sprinkled salt on some mashed potatoes and wondered what would happen if you inhaled the saltshaker? No? Well, I haven’t considered that either.

But, as it turns out, salty air has all kinds of reinvigorating qualities, mainly linked to improved respiration.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Does this mean I should become a salt miner and spend the rest of my days down in those well-seasoned depths?” Yet again, the answer is no.

Asheville’s own Salt Cave and Spa replicates the therapeutic properties of salt mines. At the same time, it offers a slew of massage selections. Not only is it one of the top spas, but it’s also among the best of the best for massage in Asheville, NC, too.

Located just south of Biltmore Village, Asheville Salt Cave provides a unique take on the spa experience. It's perfect for those seeking something just a little bit different.

Moreover, the Salt Cave recently opened a Turkish-style hammam steam bath. You now have even more options to relax with a steam bathhouse in Asheville.

The Cost: Entry to the salt cave starts at $24, while a one-hour massage starts at $60. By my analysis, this puts Asheville Salt Cave and Spa at the mid-to-low tier of spas in Asheville in terms of cost, but certainly not in quality.

Bucket in a Sauna

A self-described Nordic-style bathhouse, Sauna House combines relaxation with socialization in a spacious environment I can only describe as “resort-chic.”

Before researching Sauna House, I had no idea how involved steam-based rejuvenation could be. You’ve got your ice plunges, cold showers, all-important rehydration, and at Sauna House specifically, you have access to rich cups of organic tea. Surely, a visit to this Asheville spa will refresh your spirit, as surely as the washing machine refreshes my spaghetti-stained shirts.

Uniquely among spas in Asheville, Sauna House sits at the foot of the South Slope brewing district. While the spa’s management has yet to respond to my proposal for a beer-based sauna, I think the link between these two phenomena is obvious.

The Cost: $40 for a single visit to the sauna, $70 for a bundle of three.

Table with flowers and other spa essentials

This entry may come off as deceptively short, but do not underestimate Sensibilities South. This day spa in Asheville, NC, has something for everyone.

Whereas the other top spas in Asheville that I’ve gone over are somewhat specialized, Sensibilities goes with a more generalist approach. This may not win them as much attention, but from waxes to pedicures, Sensibilities offers almost any spa feature you can think of, and they do them well.

Combined with their location in Biltmore Park—which provides easy access to downtown-style shopping and dining, but with far less bustle—Sensibilities may be my top recommendation. If you’re aiming for a simple, down-to-earth massage in Asheville, this is the place.

The Cost: Massages start at $60 for a half hour, or $90 for an hour. This range reflects the costs of Sensibility’s other offerings, too.

Asian Style Spa and Lodge

If the name did not give it away, this entry seems lifted straight out of Japan. It's about the last thing I would have expected to find in Asheville’s humble southeast, but life is all about surprises.

Hidden in an unassuming, tree-filled corner of town, Shoji offers hot salt soaks and massages ranging from Swedish to Shiatsu. If that is not enough, for a little added cost you can enjoy tub-side tea curated by Dobra, a local favorite.

Quiet, secluded relaxation is the name of the game at Shoji. My informants tell me these qualities are emboldened during a good winter snow. If you’re planning to visit Asheville during those chilly months, Shoji is well worth working into your schedule.

The Cost: Massages start at $150 for an hour, soaks at $82.

Fire pit

This is it. The crème-de-la-crème. The spa out of all the best spas in Asheville, NC, that’ll make you say, “Well, that’s one heck of a spa.” Spanning twenty water features, including but not limited to man-made waterfalls and subterranean pools, the spa at the Grove Park Inn is Asheville’s benchmark for splendorous relaxation.

Their expansive menu offers a selection of the highest-brow massages in Asheville you can find. And after enjoying all the spa-ness you can shake a stick at, visitors may enjoy hot tea on fire-warmed patios, overlooking the inn’s grounds. It’s a monument, really. Read on though; as you’ll see below, expect monumental prices in line with such a luxurious experience.

The Cost: Overnight guests can purchase day passes for the spa for $200 and are encouraged to make reservations well ahead of time. Massages start at $239 and most run for an hour plus.

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Businesses Mentioned

Asheville Salt Cave and Spa


16 N Liberty St, Asheville, NC 28801

Sauna House


230 Short Coxe Ave, Asheville, NC 28801

Sensibilities Day Spa (South)


43 Town Square Blvd #100, Asheville, NC 28803

Shoji Spa and Lounge


96 Avondale Heights Rd, Asheville, NC 28803

The Spa at The Omni Grove Park Inn


290 Macon Ave, Asheville, NC 28804


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