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Lake Powhatan

Lake Powhatan, only about 5 minutes from our Asheville NC cabins, is a man-made lake in the middle of the Bent Creek area of the Pisgah National Forest. Tracie and I have been here many times with and without the kids. The lake has a very large beach area that is perfect for playing in the sand or swimming with the kids (be prepared for ice cold water). While at the lake, you will notice the gorgeous mountains on every side making the view one of the main reasons to come here.

If you like to fish, Lake Powhatan is stocked regularly with trout in the spring and summer (make sure you have a fishing license). To have the most success fishing, get as close as you can to where the creek (it’s a big creek) enters the lake; the fish like to hang out in the flowing water.

If you want to do some hiking, make your way over to the dock and follow the trail past the waterfall. The trail runs along the creek all the way to the NC Arboretum. There is a small cost to get into the lake area and parking is never a problem. When you finish at the lake, head back to our Asheville NC cabins and hop in your own private hot tub on the back deck. This is

the perfect place to wait while the steaks are grilling on the gas grill.

Address: 375 Wesley Branch Rd, Asheville, NC 28806

Phone: (828) 670-5627


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