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Papa’s and Beer

The closest Mexican restaurant to our cabins in Asheville with hot tubs also happens to be the best Mexican restaurant in Asheville. Located only 2 miles form our cabins in Asheville, Papa’s and Beer is one of the only restaurants in Asheville that consistently delivers good food for lunch and dinner.

One of the best benefits they offer is unlimited, free chips and dip. Their chips are homemade, served warm and delicious. We have yet to figure out how they get their bean dip to taste so good but the stuff is amazing!

Most of the time, Tracie will get the fajitas and I will get one of their dishes that has bacon wrapped shrimp (I love the way they spice their shrimp).

Any of their meals are large enough to share, especially if you’re eating the free chips and bean dip. Their chimichanga is also consistently good as well as the any of the burritos on the menu. You may think the price for this would be expensive but we usually get out for about $20 plus tip and if we share a meal, it’s only about $12.

Our family has eaten at Papa’s and Beer more than any other restaurant in Asheville and for good reason. If you want solid Mexican food that will always meet or exceed your expectations, Popa’s and Beer is your place.

If you want to enjoy Mexican on the back deck of your cabin in Asheville right before you get in the hot tub, call in a to go order, pick it up and you will be back at your cabin in under 5 minutes.

The line forms early here and there do not take reservations, so try to go early if you can.

1000 Brevard Rd, Asheville

Phone: (828) 665-9070


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