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5 Best Place for Delivery and Takeout in Asheville—A Local’s Perspective

In Asheville, the restaurants lie empty, but not inactive. Many have been quick to adapt to current circumstances, offering delivery and takeout to those who—like me—have discovered that their cooking repertoire is a little lackluster. Even for those who consider themselves culinary masterminds, ordering from any of Asheville’s excellent eateries can be a nice change of pace. And besides, local businesses need the support.

Here, I’ve compiled a list of five of some of the best places for takeout and in Asheville, as well as delivery. In my research, I had an eye for both variety of taste, as well as their distribution across town. With luck, you’ll find that one or more of these entries lies not far from you.

I tried to take this opportunity to write about restaurants I’ve not previously mentioned but I couldn’t resist suggesting Moe’s. Ever since I first saw customers piling in to retrieve their bundles of spareribs, chicken wings, and whole birds, the idea of getting takeout from Moe’s has infiltrated any mealtime consideration. With a variety of sandwiches, platters, and meats—ranging from turkey to catfish—there’s enough at Moe’s to keep you coming back week after week. As far as sides, I’d suggest their marinated slaw and mac-n-cheese. For takeout in Asheville, full of authentic barbecue flavor, Moe’s has got you covered.

Takeout and Delivery: Takeout in Asheville is usually a matter of calling one of the numbers listed at the bottom of this post, whereas delivery is distributed across several services.

Moe’s is located in Biltmore Village, just south of downtown. Delivery is offered via Grubhub and Takeout Central, with wait times running from half an hour to an hour, depending on your distance from Moe’s, and choice of delivery service.

Hours: 11am-8pm daily.

I’m a bit surprised I haven’t mentioned Gan Shan before. Their Asian Fusion menu, tinged with staple Ashevillian innovation, is a must-try for visitors and locals alike. We’re talking mapo doufu. We’re talking ramen. We’re talking “Japanese fries,” seasoned with spicy mayo and sweet soy sauce. Their menu, I find, strikes a special balance between variety and simplicity. It will only take a few meals to determine your favorite item.

Furthermore, even speaking as someone who’s subsisted for months on nothing but ramen-packets, Gan Shan’s ramen entices me in the same way a rainy day invites tomato soup. For Asian Fusion with a twist, you’ll find few better places for takeout in Asheville.

Takeout and Delivery: Gan Shan lies nearest to the neighborhoods of West Asheville, but with some luck, you can obtain delivery via UberEats in less than an hour, even as far away as Biltmore Park.

Hours: 12pm-8pm Monday-Saturday.

Pizza may be—along with Chinese—one of the most well-proliferated delivery options. And while I love disks of dough and cheese as much as the next guy, I have to say that it’s a mistake to limit one’s Italian takeout to mere pizza, especially in Asheville. Vinnie’s sports a menu chock-full of heroes, calzones, and pasta, alongside lesser-known delicacies such as Italian wedding soup and ricotta cheesecake.

My suggestion is to start with garlic knots, then blindfold yourself, and throw a dart at the menu. The point—so far as I’m concerned—of getting takeout in Asheville is to spice up your life a bit, so I really do think this is the best method of ordering.

Takeout and Delivery: Vinnie’s lies on the upper end of Merrimon Avenue, nearby UNCA and North Asheville. If you’re after delivery—operated by Takeout Central—you’ll have to be nearby. South Asheville, for the most part, is beyond their reach.

Hours: 12pm-8pm Monday-Saturday

Post is my go-to for Americana takeout in Asheville. Personally, I prefer their fish and chips, whereas my dad has an inclination—perhaps an excessive inclination—for their Greek pasta bowl. He and I agree, however, that their lamb gyros are hard to beat. Aside from those three items, their selection of sandwiches, burgers, and salads should keep you busy for a while.

Takeout and Delivery: Post 25 lies in South Asheville and they mainly do takeout.

Hours: 11am-9pm daily.

People always ask me what the best kind of takeout food is. I tell them it isn’t pizza and it isn’t Chinese, but Indian: flavorful, well-spiced, too often overlooked. I think what I like best about Indian is the variety. Mela’s menu goes on and on and yet you’d be hard pressed to find anything that seems out of place or poorly thought out.

Now, I’ve done some math. If you’re ordering one entrée and one kind of bread—a necessary component of Indian fare—that gives you 232 unique combinations. Divide that by the seven days of the week, and you’ve got 33 unique combinations. So, if you tried every one of Mela’s entrees, which I would recommend, paired with each of their breads, you’d be set for thirty-three weeks. And what a glorious thirty-three weeks they would be.

Takeout and Delivery: Mela lies in Downtown, somewhat complicating takeout, unless you live in one of the few coveted residences in that area. Delivery comes via DoorDash, Takeout Central, and Grubhub, although their range is somewhat limited, with your best chances lying within about a half-hour radius of Downtown.

Hours: 11am-2:30pm and 5:30-9:30pm daily.

Businesses Mentioned

Moe’s Original BBQ

(828) 505-8282

4 Sweeten Creek Rd #1, Asheville, NC 28803

Gan Shan West

(828) 417-7402

285 Haywood Rd, Asheville, NC 28806

Vinnie’s Neighborhood Italian

(828) 253-1077

641 Merrimon Ave, Asheville, NC 28804

Post 25

(828) 676-2577

2155 Hendersonville Rd, Arden, NC 28704

Mela Indian Restaurant

(828) 225-8880

70 N Lexington Ave, Asheville, NC 28801

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