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It's May, and You're in Asheville: What's There to Do?

Seize Your Summer. Start It Strong by Actually Relaxing This Time!

It’s May in Asheville! The mountains have finally warmed and prettied up. People are getting married and graduating left and right. So if you’re in Asheville (particularly if it’s for one of those occasions), you deserve some non-stressful activities.

So what are some unique, relaxing things to do in Asheville? What’s there to do that is free or cheap? And what activities could a visitor do to feel like a free-spirited, summer-loving local?

Here are five activities you don’t have to make advance plans for—and that you can confidently do on your own. Even if you’re new in town.

Elevate a regular evening of dining out with some complimentary live music. Photo from Pixabay

Enjoy Dining with (Free!) Live Music

Give yourself the perfect atmosphere to relax: a warm Southern evening, a glass of sweet tea (or a hoppy brew), and laid-back live music. There’s many up-and-coming artists in Asheville, and plenty of restaurants that host them.

Some excellent options to explore include:

When it comes to atmosphere, you’ve got options. From formal sit-down dining with classical live music, to casual country cooking with an open-air live bluegrass band, to a bar with an acoustic set. And if you can’t decide where to go, walk around downtown and follow the music.

Is there any more magical place to have a picnic than on a mountaintop? Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

Have a Picnic on a Blue Ridge Parkway Overlook

Not feeling up for a hike, but want those mountain views? No problem: that’s what the overlooks are for. And you don’t need to be familiar with the area!

Enter the parkway from an inlet (for a relatively quick climb up the mountain, head in the Black Balsam direction). Then simply drive until you find an overlook that suits your fancy. Remember that the higher you go, the better your view will be. In May, the trees will be at their brightest green.

Pack or pick up a to-go lunch, and don't forget to bring a jacket as it gets a little cooler and breezier as you drive up the mountain.

The smell and taste of fresh, in-season strawberries are a trademark sign that it’s finally summer. Photo by Clem Onojeghuo from Pexels

Snack on the Best Strawberries You’ve Ever Eaten

We all know it—America generally has an awful reputation when it comes to produce options. Some of that reputation is warranted (hello, half-ripe grocery-store strawberries shipped from Guatemala). But there’s no need to worry about that kind of quality when you’re in Asheville in May.

Treat yourself and pick up a basket of these ruby fruits! Is there a more guilt-free spring indulgence? Swing by the WNC Farmer’s Market if you’d like to check out other in-season fruits, like cherries and apricots. Here’s an insider tip as well—skip the first few stalls of each aisle to save money. Vendors closest to the entrance of their aisle charge more.

Street vendors selling strawberries frequently set up shop on intersection corners. Just approach one of the stands and you'll be seduced by the smell of fresh wild strawberries. If one of the baskets looks too large, don't be afraid to ask the vendor if you can take a half or quarter basket. Vendors are often happy to split up the produce into a smaller portion and give you a reduced price.

Plenty of shops in downtown Asheville have portable treats, like ice cream, iced coffee, smoothies, or truffles. Photo by Elza Kurbanova on Unsplash

Pick Up a Treat and Wander Around Downtown

Students are still in school, so downtown is all yours to explore. Asheville weather in May is mild, with low humidity and a low bug count.

Stroll about and play a little downtown Asheville bingo. See if you run into:

  • The giant iron

  • A pub-cycle

  • Historic shops

  • Huge art murals on the sides of buildings,

  • Dancing and drumming at the drum circle

  • A plethora of dogs.

Up to explore something new? Feed your appetite for the unique by browsing the one-of-a-kind shops. There’s a lot to discover, like an old record shop, a vintage resale shop that helped dress the Stranger Things cast, or a store that sells beads by the individual bead.

When you visit Western North Carolina in the spring/early summer, you can experience abundant flowers like the ones seen in movies and photoshoots. Photo by Irina Iriser on Unsplash

Check Out the Magical Spring Flowers

If you came to Asheville in the spring/early summer, don’t miss out on her crowning glory. Stop and smell the roses (and rhododendron...and dogwoods…), and snag enviable pictures.

Like a short trip with a curated variety of blooms? Visit the Biltmore Estate Gardens and Greenhouse or the Flora & Forage (a coffee shop/floral shop combination!).

Want to walk around? Maybe have a picnic and take dreamy pictures? Then take a stroll through the NC Arboretum (free admission, does have parking fee), or check out the Botanical Gardens at Asheville (free).

If you’re up for a true wildflower scavenger hunt, enjoy a hike! When you look for flowers off the beaten path, they’re more few and far between. But the challenge of finding wild blooms yourself is refreshing and rewarding. Keep an eye out for rhododendron, Bradford pear blossoms, dogwoods, sweet peas, daffodils, lilies, and lady slipper orchids.

Live Your Free-Spirited Summer Dream

In a season of lush foliage and celebration, it feels like Eden down in WNC. We’re excited to see you in Asheville, and it’s always a pleasure to extend that Southern hospitality.

Whether you’re here this season for an event or for your own vacation, you should have a soft place to land during your visit. Sure, you could get a hotel in the Asheville area—but would you get your own hot tub, heated bathroom tiles, or nestled-in-the-woods privacy? (Answer: nope)

So let us invite you to relax in a cozy, modern Asheville Cottage: you can’t beat the amenities or service!

Enjoy your stay, y’all!


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