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More Things to do For Valentine’s Day in Asheville—A Local’s Perspective

Love is in the air once again here in Asheville, and since the last time I wrote about Valentine’s Day I’ve come up with some hot new ideas. Yes, this past year I’ve done practically nothing else but muse on how to milk every drop of romance out of the Paris of the South, just so you can have the Valentine’s Day trip of a lifetime. You could say it's my calling.

From indulgent dinners to high mountain getaways, Asheville is the place to be if you got love in your heart, and adventure in your soul. So bring your dates, bring your spouses. Heck, propose at the Biltmore Estate; there’s a good idea. And if you’re looking for even more romantic schemes, read on to discover some of the best things to do for Valentine’s Day in Asheville.

Valentine's Day in Asheville - painting on wall
Image from Wix

Nothing stirs the heart like some fine art, or so the painters and sculptors of the world would have us believe. Myself, I do believe, especially when we’re talking about such a cool and cultured museum as this, with fascinating rotating exhibits, and a diverse permanent collection that keeps me coming back time after time.

But why take your loved one here, huh? Well it's real simple. You can find out pretty quickly if you got compatible senses of visual taste. “Really?” you might say, “You like that color scheme?” Or, more optimistically, “Wow, you have a great eye. Let’s get married.” And you never would’ve found out if you didn’t go to the museum.

Afterwards, step outside and find yourself right in the heart of downtown, with your pick of awesome restaurants, cafes, and even more romantic outings. In short, the museum makes a great first stop on your romantic Asheville getaway. 

Hours: 11am to 6pm, every day but Tuesday. I guess Tuesdays aren’t for lovers.

Valentine's Day in Asheville - box of chocolates
Image from Wix

Picking up straight where we left off, step out of the museum, take a turn to your right, walk down the street, and before you know it, you’ll be standing at the counter in the French Broad Chocolate Lounge, one of my favorite local patisseries. 

I hope I don’t need to explain how chocolate plays into this whole Valentine’s Day deal. Heck, I bet you were looking for a sweet treat in the first place. Here at French Broad, I recommend a pair of truffles or some sipping chocolate—especially on a cold winter’s day—or, since there are two of you, maybe you could split one of their decadent slices of cake.

If you’re as taken with these local chocolatiers as I am, schedule a tour and tasting at their factory down by the river (times available on their website). Perhaps you two lovebirds will be called to open a chocolate shop of your own. It would be tres romantique. 

Hours: 11am to 10pm, every day.

Valentine's Day in Asheville - dancefloor
Image from Wix

Speaking of things that stir the heart, if you want a truly electric Valentine’s Day date in Asheville, then you’ve got to go and catch a live show at one of our fine music halls.

If you find yourself downtown, which you probably will, then that means the Orange Peel—a local institution—found south down Biltmore Avenue from the Asheville Art Museum, flanked by Wicked Weed and Ukiah Japanese Smokehouse. You see how all this fits together: fine art, chocolate, dinner, and a show. Maybe even throw in dancing, if the mood strikes. 

Now if you’re not headed downtown, but you still want a slice of the famous Asheville music scene, then be sure to check out this article right here, where you’ll find a concert venue for every occasion.

Hours: Box office open 11:30am to 4pm, Wednesday and Thursday. 10am to 4pm on Fridays. Doors open at 7pm for most shows.

Valentine's Day in Asheville - dinner date
Image from Wix

Last time I talked about Valentine’s Day, I believe I recommended Bouchon for their dreamy décor and bonafide Francophone menu. And I still stand by that wonderful idea, but if you want a more complete understanding of just where you could take your date this Valentine’s Day in Asheville, you got to ask yourself some serious questions. 

Will you get reservations in time? If the answer’s “yes,” it's worth taking a shot at one of Asheville’s classiest joints, like tapas at Curate or Zambra. But if you’re like me, and in the heat of day-to-day life you sometimes forget the small things (such as what day Valentine's Day is), well, I got your back .

I seem to always be able to find a table at Red Ginger Dimsum on Patton. Same goes for Itto Ramen just south of Pack Square. That’s good service for you. But if you’re after something still more casual, I recommend the historic S&W Food Hall, or one of the many awesome restaurants in the Grove Arcade.

Valentine's Day in Asheville - picnic
Image from Unsplash

I for one am always done for a stroll through the great outdoors, cold weather or warm, alone or with friends or maybe with that special someone. The addition of food into in the equation—say a baguette or two, and some local jam picked up from the old farmer's market—that right there has got to be a recipe for success. 

I suggest checking out Pink Beds about an hour to the south, out in the Pisgah Forest. They got a spread of tables right by the parking lot, and the loop will take you through a rare highland bog ecosystem, worth a visit all on its own. 

Now Pink Beds is a little far flung, and if you’d prefer a closer hike with more of focus on scenic vistas, then I recommend the Craggy Pinnacle trail. Forge on up there, take in the three-hundred-sixty degree views, then come back down to the Craggy Gardens picnic area to complete your exploration of the mountains. 

All these are fine things to do on your own, like I said, but do it for Valentine's Day in Asheville, and I think you’ll find its all just that much more memorable.

Businesses Mentioned

Asheville Art Museum


2 S Pack Square, Asheville, NC 28801

French Broad Chocolate Lounge


10 S Pack Square, Asheville, NC 28801

The Orange Peel


101 Biltmore Ave, Asheville, NC 28801


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